5 Ways To Save Money During Home Maintenance

Homes require regular maintenance. Some people have long lists, and others perform upkeep tasks as problems appear. You can stay ahead of possible issues by keeping the following five tasks on any list you prepare. All five issues are essential to the safety of your home.

  1. Hot Water Heater

If you have a tank-style hot water heater, make sure to drain the unit at least every other year. Flushing the tank keeps corrosive minerals from collecting at the bottom and rotting the tank’s metal from the inside out.

  1. HVAC Filters

The air moving through your HVAC filters needs to flow freely if you want to heat or cool your home efficiently. Depending on how dirty the air is surrounding the machine, you should change the filter at least four times a year. Many technicians believe monthly is optional.

  1. Ceiling Fans

Heat rises, and cold air sinks. That is why ceiling fans can keep your home warmer and cooler. All you need to do is change the blade rotation to either push the air down or move the air up.

  1. Appliance Seals

The gaskets on your appliances helps keep the unit airtight. This includes your refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher. The seals can harden and crack with age, so changing the lines can save energy costs.

  1. Gutter Lines

Cleaning your home’s gutters twice a year is essential to keeping water from overflowing against your outside walls. Keep the tubing free of leaves, dirt, and other debris to make sure the water can freely flow through the tubes and into the downspout.

  1. Window Insulation

Plastic and rubber window insulations can crack and tear with age. With each break in the insulation, your energy costs can rise. Check the lining every two or three years and call window cleaning Ponte Vedra Beach FL technicians if you find any cracks.

With a few simple yearly tasks, you can keep your home energy efficient and save yourself some money. Help your home keep you safe and dry by staying aware of the six issues listed above.