3 Reasons Your Locks Aren’t Working

Perhaps you live in an old house where some of your doorknobs are a little loose. Or a door at your business only closes if you know the correct way to jiggle the handle. While it may not seem like a big deal, doors that don’t close properly also don’t lock and unlock properly, which increases the likelihood of break-ins, or could even keep you out of your own home or business. When was the last time that you checked the locks on all of your doors? Here are three things that could be preventing your doors from locking properly.

  1. Deadbolt

Is it difficult to use the deadbolt on your door? If your home or business is older, doors can loosen and sag over time, causing the bolt and the strike plate to fall out of alignment. If the bolt sticks, it might need some type of lubricant, or it may indicate another problem. You can call for help with a lock installation Orlando if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself.

  1. Weather Stripping

An improperly installed lock might catch on the weather stripping that insulates your door. Even if you think you managed to close it, the weather stripping may be caught in the lock, preventing it from holding completely which makes your home or business vulnerable. This type of repair usually requires some minor construction, so hiring a professional is often a good idea.

  1. Hinges

Rather than a misalignment problem caused by age, misalignment can also be the result of a door that wasn’t hung correctly. If any of your hinges look crooked, there are screws sticking out at odd angles, or there’s a gap between the hardware and the doorframe, you may need to re-hang the door.

Locks are something that people rely on every day, but repair needs are easily overlooked. Don’t wait to repair a lock that doesn’t work properly. Properly installed locks protect people and property.